Crocodiles Appear In Pools In Nuevo Vallarta

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The excessive construction of new developments has caused the disappearance of mangroves.

The construction of new tourist developments in Banderas Bay has caused the mangroves to disappear up to 80 percent, which is why crocodiles have been observed and captured in pools in Nuevo Vallarta. The inhabitants of the residential houses feel that their property is being invaded by crocodiles, however we must understand that the bay is the crocodile's habitat and in this case we are the ones who are invading and not the crocodiles as many people think. Man has built on the marshlands in order to construct a building, these marshes belonged to the mangroves of the crocodiles as they originally lived there, in the mangrove which represents their home, their natural habitat, which was invaded and destroyed by man who now lives there. Not to mention that it is the crocodile's habitat. It is very common to hear tourists tell the crocodiles to leave or to take them to other areas, when in reality we are the ones invading their land; not forgetting that crocodiles are very territorial animals.

This has been the cause of all the accidents that have occurred in the bay is when a crocodile has attacked a tourist taking his arm or tearing his leg and even eating him and submerging him in the water when he has entered his habitat, but it has not been heard of a tourist being attacked out of the water where it is not his habitat, normally in that case he leaves and goes into the water, because his instinct is not to attack if he is not attacked. The crocodile does not normally attack and even less being out of its habitat, but if man enters the water where it is found such as the river, lakes, lagoons and now sometimes in the sea, it will be in danger.

That is why it is important to be aware of the real situation and never attack it if it is sunbathing or resting because the crocodile needs to sunbathe for a certain period of time, as its organism requires it. That is why it is important to respect this species. Crocodiles are contemplated and protected in Semarnat's NOM 059, therefore possession or aggression of this species may result in a fine and that is why emphasis is made on environmental education, for which there are sanctuaries in Nuevo Vallarta for people to have an educational approach and to understand and respect the behavior of this reptile that is one of the attractions for tourism. The marine biologist Cesar Lucano from the El Cora crocodile sanctuary in Nuevo Vallarta, considers that the crocodile can become an icon of the regional fauna, like the humpback whale, the turtle and the macaws that attract the attention of tourists visiting this region.

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