Extreme Vigilance In Nuevo Vallarta Beaches Due To Crocodile Sightings

Observation of Gery Ddupas https://www.naturalista.mx/observations/42466823

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Elements of Citizen Civil Protection carry out a surveillance operation.

After the sighting of crocodiles on the beaches of Nuevo Vallarta in Nayarit, authorities have increased surveillance on the beaches along the coast of Nuevo Vallarta, in order to avoid unfortunate mishaps. This, after the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection closed the beaches from the Simbai to the Riu hotels in Nuevo Vallarta (Banderas Bay) since Wednesday morning, due to the sighting of crocodiles in the area. On the 5th of this month another report led to the closure of Mozamar beach, also in the coastal strip of Banderas Bay. Security and Citizen Civil Protection officers are carrying out a permanent surveillance operation to catch the crocodiles and return them to their special habitat.

They also watch that swimmers do not enter the sea, in spite of the purple flag that is placed on both sides of the beaches, since some people tend not to respect the warnings and enter the sea out of ignorance. It is important to heed the recommendations of the authorities to avoid unexpected encounters with these reptiles, which unfortunately are of large size and went to the sea for reasons of nature and situations beyond their control, as we know they are freshwater animals that are now in the sea, where the water is completely salty, a truly historic fact. Another factor could also be the fact of the pandemic where the animals occupied the spaces that for a long time were not inhabited or frequently visited by people.