How Does a Crocodile Attack Its Prey?

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Crocodiles can stalk their prey without moving their heads thanks to the peculiarity of their eyes

The recent crocodile attacks on people in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit have been related to the fact that when tourists go to the beach, they drink alcoholic beverages and sometimes until late at night. The last two attacks where tourists were attacked in the legs by a crocodile occurred at night on the beach. It is also true that a person in a state of inebriation does not react in the same way as when he/she is in his/her five senses, and his/her reaction is slower, so it will be difficult for him/her to act immediately and notice the presence of a crocodile. It is important to know that a crocodile is very fast if it moves forward, which is why a human being is easy prey for this reptile, since the strength of its legs and tail propel it in the water and out, besides its body is stronger than that of a human being, so you should NEVER run forward, you should do it in a circular motion if you are being chased by a crocodile. You should know that its body becomes very heavy if it tries to turn around or turn to follow you, because the long tail that it drags becomes clumsy to move sideways, so it will be difficult to advance quickly towards the prey, in this case if it goes towards you, you should advance in a circular way, that is to say; surrounding it, while at the same time you are moving away from it, so it will be difficult for it to reach you.

This recommendation was made by the management of the golf course located in Marina Vallarta, in Puerto Vallarta, who live with these reptiles that inhabit the golf course's lakes. Crocodiles have excellent night vision, due to a tissue called tapetum lucidum, located behind the retina. This reflects visible light and allows more photons to reach the photoreceptors. Crocodiles have a horizontal stripe on the retina because of this they see with very good resolution along the entire visual horizon and can stalk their prey when they are submerged, without moving their heads so as not to give away their presence, they appear to be asleep when they are really alert all the time. The crocodile can see in and out of the water thanks to its retina, also this reptile is used to swallow stones that allow it to be underwater so that when a person enters the sea, river or lake where it is observing and immediately drops the stones and goes directly to the attack, This has been the cause of many crocodile attacks on tourists and people who live here. People who have gone fishing in the rivers, such as the Ameca River, have been easy prey for these crocodiles, since the water is cloudy and they are not seen. You should know that whenever you enter their habitat you will be attacked. It is important to respect the crocodile signs posted by the authorities as a warning of danger. Crocodiles are imposing reptiles capable of remaining completely immobile for several hours and, in just a fraction of a second, develop a great speed, this technique is very useful for them and they also have very fine-tuned senses.