The Importance Of Trees In Puerto Vallarta

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55 Years of Urbanization in Paradise

Today, Puerto Vallarta celebrates its 55th anniversary as a city, and yet there are still challenges arising from excessive urban development. We live in a city that constantly adapts to the new demands of its population, but it is also essential to consider the needs of nature. Trees found in public squares, streets, avenues, parks, and gardens offer numerous benefits to the city and its residents.

Trees provide shelter to the diverse bird species that grace Puerto Vallarta and are a special attraction for many. On many avenues, we can find large trees that serve as havens for hundreds of birds, whose beautiful songs can be heard in the mornings.

It is a fact that trees play a crucial role in combating environmental pollution. Rather than relying solely on vehicle emissions testing centers, promoting reforestation programs in all parks, gardens, streets, and avenues of the city would be sufficient. A mature tree can absorb up to 150 kg of pollutants per year. Large trees, such as the Parotas, act as excellent filters for urban pollutants and particles like dust, dirt, or smoke, thanks to the properties of their leaves and bark. Thoughtful planning of tree distribution along the streets of Puerto Vallarta could greatly benefit thousands of families, especially those in remote neighborhoods.

A life surrounded by trees leads to a healthier existence, as breathing pure air allows for the proper functioning of internal