The Rompe Festival Moves Forward, Now At The Las Aralias Court

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Discoverers of Art break their fears and transform themselves.

One of the kindest festivals that have taken place in the city of Puerto Vallarta is the ROMPE Festival headed by artist and designer Sharo Garcia and her collective of women artists.

This festival will take place from March 5th to the 25th of this year and its objective is to celebrate and spread the artistic work done by women, to recover and reactivate the important spaces of the municipality, to make society in general aware of gender equality through culture, to generate sorority among the women artists of the municipality and to inspire and motivate girls, adolescents and older women to discover and discover themselves through Art.

Sharo Garcia is an artist who knows neither borders nor barriers that prevent the development of creativity. With professional studies in Graphic Design, this plastic artist faces the world to carry her feminist message adding kindness and important values to improve. Graduated from UNIVA, she puts creativity in her hands to bring the interior design of the space to the magical exteriorism full of passion and dedication.

With a trajectory of more than 6 years as a visual artist, large scale muralist and social activist in defense of the environment and culture, Sharo has set out to transform Puerto Vallarta. Sharo, the creator of the ROMPE Festival, transforms spaces, through Art and culture, into tools for the strengthening of the social fabric, gender equality, the re-dignification of women in Art and the protection of the environment.

Among the activities of the Festival are the development of floor murals in the sports fields of the following neighborhoods: Ixtapa, Arboledas, 5 de Diciembre, Las Aralias, Joyas del Pedregal and Volcanes. Based on the theory of color as an emotional principle, Sharo promotes the happiness of the people of Vallarta because the sense that color gives to gray and deteriorated space completely changes the mood of people and allows negative emotions to transmute their polarity to positive emotions that generate a better world for everyone.