"We Psychiatrists Go Down Into The Basement Of The Personality."

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Renowned psychiatrist presented his latest book before more than 800 people

Dr. Enrique Rojas, Spanish Professor of Psychiatry and author of numerous self-help books, recently presented his latest book 'Todo lo que tienes que saber sobre la vida' (Everything you need to know about life) (Espasa) in Mexico during the Guadalajara (Jalisco) Book Fair. Professor of Psychiatry and director of the Psychiatric Research Institute of Madrid, Enrique Rojas (Granada, 1949), declared that "psychologists and psychiatrists are dedicated to the engineering of behavior. We go down into the basement of personality to discover the main mechanisms of behavior and look for laws that bring us closer to this complex concept", in reference to his new publication. The president of the Rojas-Estapé Foundation 1 trained in Madrid and his new publication is a disquisition, as he himself explains, about his vision of relationships, his definition of personality - which for him would have three faces, depending on how one perceives oneself, how one is perceived and how one really is - and his favorite subject, happiness.

He also gave a course on Emotional Intelligence at the Teatro Palco before more than 800 people, where he stressed the importance of knowing how to mix the instruments of reason and affectivity, in order to have healthy sentimental relationships and know how to manage everything that is hosted in the field of the couple. He gave a series of very well defined behavioral guidelines. He also gave a course on New advances in the treatment of depression: from modern mood stabilizers that stop relapses, to new techniques such as the transcranial magnetic stimulator, electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve or the implantation of brain electrodes. The course was held at the State University of Guadalajara, in the Main Auditorium of the Health Sciences Center, and was presented by the Rector of the University, Armando del Castillo. The event was followed by an extensive colloquium.

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