Breathalyzer Operation Begins

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The tests were applied without distinction during Friday and Saturday.

With the purpose of promoting a culture of prevention, the Deputy Directorate of Municipal Roads of Puerto Vallarta, in charge of Jorge Alberto Castillo Núñez, began to carry out Operation Breathalyzer, a measure aimed at reducing automobile accidents derived from the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. For its implementation, the Mayor, Luis Alberto Michel Rodriguez, gave direct instructions to apply it without distinctions of any kind, on Friday and Saturday nights at the intersection of SEAPAL's gas station and at the intersection of Francisco Villa Avenue and Los Tules Avenue, in Fluvial Vallarta. Thus, 69 tests were performed on motorists who were detected with alcohol breath, of which 25, including two women, showed results ranging from 25 to 40 degrees, to whom the corresponding sanction was applied, with a 50 percent discount on the fine, in addition to the fact that in this case the driver is not detained and can go home with the vehicle and everything.

In this case, 08 vehicles were insured, due to the fact that their drivers had a very high percentage of alcohol in their blood, and a total of 34 tickets were issued, including six motorcycles that were also inspected. It is worth mentioning that the operation was attended by Commissioner Cap. 2/o. de Inf. Ret. Luis Fernando Muñoz Ortega, who mentioned that the enforcement of this device will be carried out permanently at established points on weekends and randomly on other days, so that motorists are always aware of how dangerous it is to combine alcohol with driving. At the same time as this operation, the traffic agents carry out an intense preventive work, inviting people to respect the road signs, drive responsibly and paying attention to the preventive measures, as well as driving motorcycles with protective helmets, their lights on and at moderate speed

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