Aircraft Waiting In The Air To Be Called For Landing

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Due to the intense arrival of flights that landed today at the International Airport

This afternoon numerous airplanes waited in the air to be called to land at the Puerto Vallarta airport platform, due to the traffic of flights that arrived today to this city. From very early on there was an intense arrival of international flights at the airport's platform, which brought thousands of tourists who have decided to spend New Year's Eve here in the port. The tourists arrived from different cities of the United States as well as from the country of the maple leaf, and some cities of the Republic among others. Cabs and hotel staff were waiting to take them to their destination.

Tonight will reflect this wave of tourists that landed today at the airport, who will visit the bars, discos, restaurants and places of the port such as the Malecon, the Marina and the Romantic Zone among other places. In the morning at shopping malls as well as doing outdoor activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving and zip lining. The airport informed that more flights will be arriving these days until the end of the year, As scheduled, since tourists have chosen Puerto Vallarta as their favorite vacation spot during this important time of the year. Thus, during the next week more flights will be arriving with foreign tourists who will be celebrating New Year's Eve in Puerto Vallarta with their families and friends.

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