Flight Arrivals At The Airport Are Extended

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Due to an increase in tourism for the New Year

Last night the Puerto Vallarta Airport continued to receive more flights as the last one was scheduled to arrive at 11:09 pm, coming from Los Angeles, California, United States. Yesterday operators and personnel of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport were not able to cope with so many flights arriving, mainly international arrivals. There were also some delays on the part of the airlines that have been saturated and have had to reschedule their arrivals, such as flights from Mexico City. The airlines had delays in arrivals due to the heavy traffic of airplanes during this year-end season. Family members of passengers arriving from Mexico City, tijuana , had to wait to pick them up and transfer them to their hotels or condominiums.

Yesterday there were arrivals from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Tijuana and Calgary, as well as flights from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro , Aguascalientes, and Tijuana, In Addition to European airlines among others. Yesterday, Mexican airlines have had delays in their flights due to the saturation of flights at the Mexico City airport, so they have had delays in their arrival or departure when arriving to this port. Airlines such as Volaris, Aeromexico and Viva Aerobus. It is eminent the air recovery that has occurred after the pandemic, which have been seen again the long boarding lines, full lounges, and migration modules have been again overwhelmed as before the pandemic.