Cruise Ship Lines In Trouble; Another Cruise Ship Arrives And Is Turned Back

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It brought 69 infected passengers in total

Yesterday, Monday December 27th, a new cruise ship arrived in Puerto Vallarta, unfortunately with more passengers infected by covid, for which the authorities are taking very restrictive measures of not letting them disembark, so they had to return them to the sea. This situation will leave them in trouble because it is a fact that if here they did not let them disembark, they will have problems to disembark in other countries, so they will stay inside the cruise ship in the open sea, until they find a solution after more restrictive measures are coming due to the new variant Omicron, which is highly contagious and no country will allow the disembarkation of infected passengers in its port, because it is a great responsibility for the population and the health sector as the hospitals that represent it, the shipping companies will have to apply more drastic measures or they will start the cancellations.

This time it is the Carnival Panorama cruise ship that had arrived in Puerto Vallarta yesterday morning December 27th, which was unable to disembark its crew and passengers. The director of the Eighth Sanitary Region, Jaime Alvarez Zayas, confirmed that indeed the ship had 30 crew members infected on board by Sars-cov-2. He also informed that some passengers have been placed in quarantine and that more tests will be performed on crew members and passengers, so that as of today there are 69 passengers infected by the virus, for which reason shipping authorities and sanitary authorities of Puerto Vallarta entered into a discussion, The shipping authorities and the health authorities of Puerto Vallarta discussed whether only uninfected passengers with antigen tests as marked in the health restrictions could go down, but finally they made the best decision with responsibility. Both the port authorities and the shipping company decided not to lower any crew member or passenger for the safety of the population, since there are also many tourists at this time in Puerto Vallarta, for their safety the shipping company had to return to their place of origin