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Women of Mexico in the agave distilled beverage industry. Part 1.

The difficulties and obstacles that women usually face in the agave distilled beverage industry in Mexico are intelligently overcome through diversified strategies aimed at representing and promoting the culture of spirituous

in various forums by the Association of Women of Mezcal and Maguey of Mexico. Participation in international competitions as tasting judges, as organizers of courses and diploma courses or leading workshops, with active presence in tastings and samplings, beverage festivals and social events, keeps the women of the A.C. from the different regions producing distilled agave beverages, such as mezcals, tequilas, bacanoras and sotoles.

Traditionally associated with the folklore of the Mexican countryside and male strength, the spirits industry has been transformed in recent years to make room for women, many of whom are wives, daughters, nieces, and connoisseurs of this productive sector, to perform outstandingly in a wide range of activities. The promotion of the culture of traditional distilled beverages is the result of a joint vision of the Women of Mezcal and Maguey of Mexico on the potential of women's work in the agave industry and its derivatives. Collaborative work and a networking perspective are the pillars of the association of women entrepreneurs and master distillers distributed by autonomous state chapters.

Last spring, the Puebla chapter and its representative, Edna Viveros, participated in the Month of Puebla in Washington, organized by the State Government, the Mexican Embassy and the Mexican Cultural Institute DC. Weeks later, in June, the Puebla chapter of Mujeres del Mezcal y Maguey de México organized the Regional Agave Congress at the Technological University of Tehuacán, Agave somos y en el camino andamos.

Representatives of the Zacatecas Chapter of Women of Mezcal and Maguey of Mexico contributed to promoting the culture of mezcals and the tradition of Mexican distilled beverage production by carrying out the first women's trade mission and exploratory trip to the European markets of the Netherlands, Belgium and France. They were received by the diplomatic corps in each country visited, had meetings with diplomats, commercial agents and promoters of Mexican distilled beverages in Europe, and organized tastings and pairings with Zacatecan products to please the demanding French palates.

For their part, the Oaxacan women organized and participated in various educational, solidarity and cultural events in their state. The Oaxaca chapter of Mujeres del Mezcal y Maguey de México participated with an impressive presence during the Guelaguetza celebration, as well as in training workshops and solidarity collections for coastal communities affected by the hurricanes. In early July, state president Denisse Chagoya and her team organized an academic meeting at the Universidad de los Valles centrales Mujer es Mezcal, which included conferences, workshops, exhibitions and tastings of traditional Oaxacan mezcals.

A few weeks ago, the president of Mujeres del Mezcal y Maguey de México A.C., Yolanda Ruiz Sánchez, attended the Spirits Selection world distilled beverage competition on the island of Guadalupe, where she was invited to serve as a judge to evaluate and select the winning beverages of this important event. Next November, Adriana Torres Huerta, coordinator of the Technical Group of Mezcal and Maguey Women of Mexico, will be the guest of honor at the next edition of Mexico Selection, to be held in Coahuila, Mexico.

Adriana Torres, from Casa Tetakawi, who participated as Bacanora representative along with Laura Espinoza at the Agave Heritage Festival in Arizona last May, will be the Bacanora representative at the 2022 edition of Mexicali Mixology. This is an annual educational meeting, to be held next October in the capital of Baja California, where professionals in the cocktail industry are trained through lectures and workshops given by leaders, experts and entrepreneurs, men and women, from the distilled beverage industry from all over Mexico.

From the state of Guerrero, cradle of traditional mezcals of excellent quality, represented by Mtra. Betty Valenzo, the distilled agave beverages of the participating brands of Las Mujeres del Mezcal and Maguey de México were present in different meetings of master mezcaleros, national competitions and trade fairs in Acapulco, Tlaxcala, Guanajuato and Mexico City, during the first part of the year.

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