Airlines Eliminate The Use Of Mouth Covers

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It is now no longer mandatory to wear a face mask on an airplane.

As of today, the largest U.S. airlines have announced the elimination of the use of airplane seat covers on their flights.

As of this Wednesday, April 20, major U.S. airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and SouthWest eliminated the mandate for the use of mouthguards on their flights.

Alaska Airlines and United Airlines, among others, joined them today.

At the beginning of this year, the UK removed all restrictions against covid-19, so European airlines such as British Airways, EasyJet, Jet2, and TUI Airways have decided to let passengers decide what to do on flights to the UK.

Norwegian Air Shuttle has been adapting to the new regulations since April 4, when it announced the elimination of the mouthpiece cover on its flights, being among the first airlines to relax its restrictions as well as in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom.]

Norwegian Air Shuttle made the decision to end the mask requirement on its flights on April 4, arguing that the decision was taken based on the evolution of the pandemic and the relaxation of covid-19 restrictions across Europe.

It should be noted that they will respect the decisions of the other airlines that still continue with the mandatory use of masks, and airports, as well as in countries where they are required.

For Iceland air, face masks are optional for flights within Iceland. But they will maintain the requirement in those countries where face masks are still required.

This removes a requirement for the traveler, which has been in place since June 17, 2020.