At least 16 nations rally to Mexico’s aid

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rescuersmexfrontAt least 16 countries around the world have come to Mexico’s aid in the wake of two major earthquakes that have killed more than 400 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

Here is a list of countries that have sent support, though it is probably incomplete:

• The United States has sent an initial team of 67 firefighters, paramedics, rescue specialists, structural engineers, search canine units and others from the Los Angeles Fire Department. They arrived on Thursday in Mexico City and went to work.

• Guatemala sent 47 rescue workers, a canine unit and five firefighters.

• The government of Japan sent a 72-strong team of specialized rescue workers, along with four canine units and rescue supplies.

• Switzerland has sent a team of civilian engineers that will collaborate with Mexican authorities in assessing the level of structural damage in countless buildings around the country.

• A team of 52 members of the Military Emergency Unit of Spain arrived yesterday to offer their support.

• The government of Israel sent a delegation of 70 people who will offer their support in ongoing rescue efforts, including 25 engineers to inspect and assess building damage.

• The Usar Panamá brigade also arrived yesterday with 35 specialists in search and rescue, along with two canine units.

• The government of Chile sent 18 members of its Topos search and rescue team specializing in searching for people trapped under fallen buildings, and a United Nations-certified technical team to do collapsed building analysis.

• Colombia has pledged to send a team specializing in rescue work.

• Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera reported on Thursday that the government of El Salvador had sent a 25-strong search and rescue team.

• Germany has sent a team to provide technical support.

In addition, United Nations Secretary-General António de Oliveira Guterres has offered technical support and Honduras, South Africa, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Peru have pledged to help.

Source: Mexico News Daily