New Modality: Combining Face-to-Face and Virtual Congresses

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Business activities will be combining face-to-face and distance conferences.

With the return to the new normality in the congress and convention sector, the trend is towards the organization of hybrid events. For the first semester of 2021, some appointments have already been scheduled for the coming year with a combination of face-to-face and distance lecturers, and a reduced capacity of attendees, according to the magnitude of each event.

In Puerto Vallarta there are already several hotels that have scheduled events and activities, and even the International Convention Center has been contracted to receive some congresses. In many of them there will be distance lectures, and the option of face-to-face and virtual is being handled. In an interview, Celia Navarrete Gonzalez, president of the Mexican Association of Professionals in Fairs, Exhibitions and Conventions (Amprofec,) pointed out that hybrid events will be combined through the inclusion of technology. That is to say, a combination of face-to-face and virtual events of relevant industries such as automotive, manufacturing, plastic, corporate, and medical, among others. 

"The pandemic issue made us consider much more critical scenarios of how we have to return to the work framework, and the normal framework, of our activities. And these will be through the approach of certain protocolos to recognize that after the experience of the confinement, the sector has had economic losses, but they have not yet been quantified, due to the fact that many events have been rescheduled and everything will depend on how far the return to normality progresses.” He commented that among the measures to be implemented are the healthy distance, so that in advance the registrations to the events will have to be made in order to avoid crowds, as well as the early promotion.