PCR Test Offered By Best Day To Tourists

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Best Day Travel Group, through its BD experience business line, will provide its clients who require PCR testing in its product and service catalog, to support the needs of its clients due to the request of several countries such as Canada and the United States, which require such testing to all international travelers returning to their respective countries by air.


 Anticipating the new needs and with the intention of satisfying the requirements of its clients, Best Day has negotiated with laboratories and hospitals of this region in order to reduce the costs of the tests and with the exclusive benefit that they can be executed in the facilities of the hotels themselves.

 In this way, the tourist does not have to look for a laboratory that is certified by the corresponding health authorities, not does he have to worry about how to get to it. In an interview, Laura Triay , managing director of the inbound business line of Best Travel Group, said that BD Experience supports its clients to travel safely and confidently at all times, for this reason, they offer this service, in alliance with a certified laboratory, which represents an added value for travelers. 

"This demonstrates our commitment to exceed the expectations of the tourist and to guarantee safe and efficient processes in the face of the challenges and needs demanded by the current context of the covid-19 pandemic, contributing to the full peace of mind and satisfaction of our visitors," he added. According to the guidelines issued by the governments of the countries that have as regulation the presentation of the negative PCR test, this must be done 72 hours before the trip at the most, so that the airlines allow the registration of the passengers and they can board the flight. 

The diagnostic PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is the most accurate test that exists, so far, whether a person is infected or not by SARS-Cov-2 virus and what it does is detect fragments of genetic material of the pathogen through the analysis of a nasopharyngeal sample. Triay said that the methodology offered by BD Experience to its clients to meet this requirement is to schedule the appointment with the certified medical laboratory, from the moment the traveler arrives at the destination. In this way, their agenda is affected as little as possible, during their stay at the hotel.

 After filling out a simple form, which specifies the required date of the test (with a window of time of 72 hours maximum before the return flight) the laboratory schedules the appointment at the hotel with its mobile unit conditioned and accompanied by a nurse and a pharmaceutical biologist (for nasopharyngeal sampling). Within 24 hours, the results are sent to the patient via email. Similarly, if the traveler wants to travel to the laboratory facilities for sample taking, BD Experience offers transportation service, in case the tourist does not wish to travel on his own.

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