Regatta In Puerto Vallarta Graces The Bay

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Professional sailboats competed yesterday, Saturday, for the J70 National Championship.

This weekend the bay is adorned with the presence of beautiful and colorful sailboats, which competed in the J70 National Championship, Mexico 2022.

This event is taking place in the bay, sailboats from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, Cancun and the United States are competing.

The J70 class is an important category, not only in Mexico but also in the world, Europe, United States and Mexico.

Fernando Perez Ontiveros, originally from Guadalajara, commented in an interview, that the crew of a sailboat is of 4 people and in the case of his team, Black Mamba, which he represents, it is formed by a Mexican, an American and 2 Portuguese, which makes it an event of international stature.

He said he was delighted to participate in Puerto Vallarta, since the weather conditions were ideal for the regatta, which allowed them to come in first place and take the lead in the open sea competitions.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday there was a lot of wind in the Bay, which turned out to be very good, since the sailboats need a day with a lot of wind to be able to maneuver during the race, so it was a complete success.

There was a lot of excitement, speed and the teams showed a lot of skill in maneuvering the boats, sailboats of the competitions, a lot of emotion, and professionalism, because they never showed aggressiveness but the competitions were carried out in a very co.oetitive, pacifist and full of emotion atmosphere.

Black Mamba, maintained the first place at all times, and showed a lot of skill and ability of the members that kept them in first place for 2 consecutive days.
Today the winning team will be defined and the champion of this category of sailboats will be awarded.