Terrorist Attacks In Russia

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Will have consequences

announced Russian Defense Ministry spoksman Igor Konashenkov

Russia announced Friday that it destroyed a weapons factory outside Kiev and reported that atracos on the Ukrainian capital will intensify in response to the aggressions it has suffered on its territory.

"The number and magnitude of missile strikes on locations in Kiev will increase in response to all terrorist-type attacks and sabotage perpetrated on Russian territory by the nationalist regime in Kiev," announced Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, detailing that on Thursday night they destroyed a surface-to-air missile factory near the Ukrainian capital.

These statements seem to herald a change of strategy by Russia, which after failing to gain control of Kiev and its region, withdrew its troops and announced at the end of March that it was concentrating on eastern Ukraine.

On Thursday, the governors of two Russian regions bordering Ukraine accused Kiev of shelling two villages on Russian territory, Klimovo and Spodariushino, attacks in which 7 people were wounded.

In the first of the places, the attack was carried out with helicopters, according to Russian sources, accusations denied by Ukraine.

On Friday, Konashenkov explained that one of the helicopters that perpetrated this attack was destroyed by the Russian defense when it was returning to its base.

Due to this, Russia will increase its attacks against Kiev, as announced to Russian authorities, in response to the attacks occurred and perpetrated in Russia, due to the conflict between these countries, which have not been able to reach an agreement between nations to end the war that is currently underway