Ukraine Resists Attacks And Will Defend Mariupol

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Assures that military forces will fight to the end

The ultimatum issued by the Russian Army to Ukrainian troops entrenched in the city of Mariupol to surrender expired at noon this Sunday and everything seems to indicate that there will be no surrender and that it will continue to resist despite the large difference in forces.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian army previously reported that significant Kremlin troop movements had been detected in the eastern regions.

The last defending fighters in Mariupol still occupy sections of the city and will fight to the end, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmygal has said in an interview aired Sunday on the U.S. ABC television network. The city has not fallen. Our military forces, our soldiers are still there. "They are fighting to the end," he assured. The mayor's office of the besieged city estimates that 21,000 people have died there since the beginning of the Russian invasion, while another 100,000 citizens remain trapped without being able to leave.

Should the Ukrainian soldiers decide to lay down their arms, the Russian forces would take control of this port city and would ensure that they would have control of the coast, the Sea of Azov, and a direct corridor to the Crimean peninsula, annexed to Russia in 2014.

Ukraine will defend even with its life what belongs to it within its territory , and there is not among its plans the idea of surrendering and handing over everything, arguing that it will not allow Moscow to take over the Donbas region, and part of this country, to stop the bloodbath.

Everything seems to indicate that there will be no agreement between the nations fighting over the territories, each one in its position of not stopping the conflict, which has increased with deaths and hatred, in the hands of those who have the power.

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