Washington Post supports Republican plan for "dreamers"

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dreamershopefrontThe Washington Post today endorsed the law-making initiative of a Republican group that protects the 800,000 dreamers approved under the DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) since 2012, and opens the door to permanent residence and citizenship in 15 years.

The so-called "Success" initiative has similar benefits to the Democrats sponsored "Dream" bill with the primary exception that it does not allow chain-link migration for dreamers families.

"That does not seem like a price too high to pay to solve the dreamers issue once and for all”, it said in its main editorial.

The proposal of Senators Thom Tills of North Carolina, Orrin Hatch of Utah and James Lankford of Oklahoma, shields the dreamers while undocumented children maintain employment, obtain a certificate of vocational high school or serve honorably in the military.

Potential beneficiaries of the "Success" law would receive "permanent conditional status" for 10 years. If they meet the requirements of the legislation they could get US citizenship in five additional years.

Its promoters suggested, however, that the legislation is not designed to be voted on in isolation but as part of a migration package that includes border security and job eligibility verification.

Democrats have insisted on the need to pass the "Dream" bill and started a parliamentary operation to force their vote in the House of Representatives.

The Washington Post, however, warned of the risk that Republicans will seek to use the "Success" bill to include measures such as a cutback to legal immigration to the United States.


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