Avoid downloading unknown files prevents information theft

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In order not to be a victim of information theft, as well as personal data through malware, the cyber security company Mnemo recommends avoiding downloading files or opening attachments from unknown senders.

The company specializing in cybersecurity, cyber intelligence and cyberlegal advises to make critical information backups frequently and validate that they are performed correctly, since in case of having an infected computer, information is available from another source without suffering any damage.

In a statement, the firm suggests installing applications only from official sources for distribution, enforcing security updates released by manufacturers and refuse to enable macros in office files, especially when the source is unknown.

It also warns to disable the remote administration protocol if it is not used, and in case of being affected contact a team of professionals to identify the options of response to this type of cyber incidents.

Recently, ransomware attacks, such as the Wanna Cry malware that affected thousands of computers around the world, have made it clear that cybersecurity strategies in some organizations need to be reinforced by technological and non-technological procedures, advised by experts in the matter.

Source: notimex

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