Free Open Internet Points

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Puerto Vallarta has mobile internet in public spaces, check which ones they are

The installation of free mobile internet access in some public spaces, managed by the municipal government, is already in operation.

The first of the points installed is precisely an area in Colonia Centro, which goes from Abasolo Street to the Municipal Palace including the Plaza de Armas and the open air theater of the Arcos del Malecon.

The name assigned for access will be "malecon ayuntamiento".

Tourists and residents will be able to access this free service, especially for those who come to make formalities or payments, as well as students who will have free internet service in this downtown area.

Visitors will have this way, with a connection way to consult locations, QR codes, restaurants, social networks, such as Facebook, whats' app among other digital tools.

And thus contribute to the promotion of the tourist destination, through which tourists send photos or videos of the beaches and different areas of the boardwalk.

The second access point is located in the esplanade of the Municipal Administrative Unit UMA, in the Portales neighborhood, where people also go daily to carry out procedures in government offices.

This free service represents no cost to the government and will be for the service of citizens with an open network for whose installation has had the support of the staff of the Directorates of Property Maintenance and Intendance and Information Technology and Electronic Government.

The telecommunications company IZZI will be in charge of the installation of free mobile internet access in public spaces of intense public activity in Puerto Vallarta.

It is worth mentioning that the Jalsico Network has existed for some time now and covers a large part of the boardwalk, with a fast internet access which is already being used by tourists and residents who visit this area of downtown taking advantage of it to upload images and videos to their relatives in the United States and Canada, as well as to different parts of the Mexican Republic.