Iphone cases sold by VS and Amazon could cause chemical burns

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phonescasesfrontSparkly or glittery iPhone cases could cause damaging chemical burns and are being recalled.

More than 200,000 cases are potentially dangerous and have been sold across the US, Canada and Mexico, according to the recall notice.

The cases can cause chemical burns or irritation if they leak out. That has already happened to 24 people, some of whom have reported being permanently scarred and having problems affecting much of their body.

Many of the cases were sold in shops like Victoria's Secret and Henri Bendel, and include their branding. Others are completely anonymous and include no branding, meaning that it's not possible to say whether any glittery case is safe.

They were sold on Amazon as well as at Nordstrom department stores and other shops.

The cases include glitter and sparkly material that is suspended in a liquid, inside the case. It is presumably that liquid that is leaking out and damaging people's bodies.

The only way to check is to head to the recall page and check the model number on there. But that model number is only found on the packaging, meaning that many people will be unable to find out whether their case is dangerous.

Anyone who thinks they are affected has been told to head to the website of MixBin, the manufacturers. That site allows people to upload a picture of the case, and the manufacturers will then send a refund and instructions for disposal of the case.

Source: Independent