Students bring home eight medals from robotics competition

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roboticsSix students from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) came home with eight medals after participating in the fifth Robot Games Zero Latitud in Quito, Ecuador.

The young men returned with five gold medals, one silver and two bronze, earning a total of 59 points that ranked their team No. 2 at the event.

The IPN students competed against more than 500 of their counterparts from all over the world in three intense days that concluded earlier this month.

The mechatronics students won in the Mini Sumo RC category, the three-pound combat category, Autonomous Mini Sumo and 12-pound combat categories.

Along with bragging rights, the five victories gave the IPN roboticists international certifications to join prestigious international robotics competitions in six of 31 categories.

In just five years, the first international robotics tournament to be held in Ecuador has become the most important robotics competition in the region.

Source: Mexico News Daily