Child Missing in Cuale Building Collapse

Curro Prados Asensio

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Family members reported him missing after the building collapsed

Mrs. Arancha Asensio reported as missing her son Curro Prados Asensio, who lived with his family in the upper apartment of the CoWork building, next to the Cuale River and where for many years operated the department store La Surtidora del Puente, which collapsed early Sunday morning. According to the information published by Mrs. Arancha Asensio in her Facebook account, her son is 13 years old and was not able to be evacuated before the force of the water collapsed the building, so so far the minor is reported missing. His mother started the search for her son and made the publication, waiting for someone to provide information about the child.

He and his family are of Spanish origin and occupied the apartment in the building that operates as a hotel at the end of Insurgentes Street, in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, just a few meters before going up the Cuale River bridge, which has also collapsed. "He is my son Curro Prados Asensio. He is missing after the collapse of the CoWork hotel building, formerly Surtidora del Puente. Please, if anyone knows anything about him, contact me or Edgar J. Flores. Please spread the word," Arancha Asensio posted on her social network. So far it is not known if more people were affected by the collapse of the building, which occurred during the early hours of Sunday morning.
It is known that he was alone at the time of the collapsed.

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