Collapse of Vehicular Bridge

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The community is asked not to go out if it is not necessary to avoid accidents

The abundant amount of water discharged by hurricane "Nora" in the mountains of Jalisco and the western region of the country caused large quantities of water to flow down the Cuale River, which crosses several neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta. The force and quantity of water that flowed down the Cuale River caused various damages in neighborhoods such as Buenos Aires, Remance, Canoas y Caloso and Paso Ancho, the latter of which collapsed the vehicular bridge that connects the neighborhood and others with the highway. Only one lane was left standing on the bridge, which runs from north to south, as the other lane was torn away by the force of the water from the Cuale River. The place was closed by personnel from the Municipal Civil Protection Unit of Puerto Vallarta, who are keeping watch to prevent people and vehicles from passing through the place, due to the risk of the bridge structure collapsing at both ends.

Authorities foresee the possible collapse of the other part of the vehicular bridge due to the weight and the state of the construction, which has closed the way to the automobiles, leaving them cut off from the community of Puerto Vallarta.

For the time being they have communicated that the bad weather will continue as well as the heavy rains, it is still not safe to travel on the streets and they asked the population not to leave the house if it is not necessary, in order to avoid accidents.

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