Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in All Parts of the City

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flooding and havoc in the Port, sewers and storm drains clogged with garbage aggravated the problem.

Chaos and constant flooding in the streets due to the rains, which have occurred during this weekend and do not seem to end. The storms registered in the last few days have caused hundreds of tourists to be stuck in traffic and unable to move forward, due to the flooding caused by the rains. The strong storm that hit the region from 6:00 p.m. until late last night, intermittently, caused flooding in several points of the city. According to the forecast, the rains will continue during this weekend. The rains covered the sides of Francisco Medina Ascencio Boulevard with water, as well as Francisco Villa Avenue, several areas of Prisciliano Sanchez Avenue, almost all downtown streets and other important arteries of the city, which complicated vehicular traffic during the afternoon and evening hours yesterday.

It is worth mentioning that apart from the havoc caused by the heavy rains, the so-called storm drains were filled with garbage of different types such as plastics, bags, stones, leaves and sticks that the rain dragged in its path, also flowing into sewers, clogging them so that yesterday there was flooding in homes in several neighborhoods of the port. Civil Protection and Firefighters personnel came to provide support to families who were flooded due to flooding in streets and neighborhoods in the region. It is important to keep storm drains and gutters free of garbage to avoid flooding in streets and avenues of the city.

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