Now There Were 3 Earthquakes In Vallarta: 3.8, 4.1 And 4.2 Degrees.

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Authorities report more earthquakes this morning in Puerto Vallarta

The National Seismological Service reported this Friday the registration of three earthquakes of medium intensity in the sea, almost imperceptible for the bulk of the population in the city. The first earthquake was registered at 10:23 a.m. at 113 kilometers west of Puerto Vallarta with a magnitude of 3.8 degrees and a depth of 4 kilometers. The second earthquake was reported at 12:05 noon at 96 kilometers southwest of Puerto Vallarta with a magnitude of 4.1 degrees and a depth of 5 kilometers. The third and last earthquake of this Friday was registered at 12:53 noon at 98 kilometers southwest of Puerto Vallarta with a magnitude of 4.2 degrees and a depth of 11 kilometers. In all three cases, the Puerto Vallarta Municipal Civil Protection Unit did not report any problems among the population, although its personnel remained alert to respond to any eventuality.

Since the beginning of the earthquakes in the Mexican Pacific Coast, these have been the reports which have been given sequentially, being that they have been presented in the bay and especially in Puerto Vallarta. A few days ago the serial earthquakes were reported and it was noticed how in Punta Mita the sea shrunk, taking the water into the ocean, as it happens in a tsunami type event, so this media was given the task of looking for a similar sign or behavior and we found that the sea, had taken during the earthquakes occurred, much of the sand, in the space where the high waves registered near the pier in high waves, in Puerto Vallarta.

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