"Pamela" Leaves Serious Damages in Nayarit

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Due to the floods caused by the passage of hurricane "Pamela", classes are suspended in the state of Nayarit.

Nayaritas will receive support today, in shelters and supplies to the families most affected by the floods..The educational authorities of Nayarit reported the suspension of classes at all levels in the eight municipalities - out of a total of 20 - affected in the north of the state of Nayarit, following the passage of hurricane "Pamela" and the flooding of rivers in the area. The increase of water in the low localities has left at least three people missing and hundreds of families displaced to shelters that have been installed; in addition to towns under water, such is the case of Los Sandovales. This measure will be in effect as of this Thursday and until further notice. The municipalities that will be subject to these measures are: Huajicori, Acaponeta, Tecuala, Tuxpan, Ruíz, Rosamorada, Santiago Ixcuintla and San Blas.

The municipal government of Tuxpan announced that the San Pedro river overflowed its banks in the municipal capital, and that the power supply had to be cut off to avoid putting families at risk. The mayor of Tuxpan, José Luis Tovar Rubalcava, called on the citizens to protect themselves as flooding is imminent in the municipality. Through a video he shared in networks, the mayor announced that his government remains alert, due to the fact that the channel of the San Pedro river has presented a dizzying increase in the course of the afternoon. "It is a flood of the proportion of "Willa", take care of your life, if you live in the lowlands, take shelter in the hills or go to the shelters," said the mayor. He also informed that these shelters are located in the schools "Justo Sierra, Laureles and Ignacio Zaragoza, and invited the people of Tuxpenses to take extreme precautions. The National Water Commission (Conagua) has informed about the water level of the rivers in Nayarit during the last day. According to the agency, the San Pedro river has tripled its water flow during the last hours