Puerto Vallarta Will Receive the Necessary Aid; Governor

Photos Courtesy of Justin Heggem, Resident of Buenos Aires

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The damage registered in Vallarta, will be paid for by the state government

Puerto Vallarta will have extraordinary economic resources to boost its recovery, after the damages registered in the municipality due to the passing of hurricane "Nora" off the coast of Jalisco. According to the Secretary of the Social Assistance

Alberto Esquer Gutierrez, the economic resources will be activated in view of the emergency declaration issued by the municipalities affected by the passage of Nora. The necessary money will be allocated in coordination with the General Secretariat of Government and the State Unit of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jalisco. In fact, the resources of the State Natural Disaster Fund Trust (FOEDEN) have already been activated and will be available to address the damages caused by Nora on the coast of Jalisco.

IMMEDIATE ATTENTION Esquer Gutiérrez specified that due to the disappearance of FONDEN by the federal government, in Jalisco families will not be unprotected in the face of natural disasters, by consolidating this fund with 100% state resources in coordination with municipal authorities. "We have the state governor's instruction that not a month goes by in which we do not already have a response to the affected municipalities from Cihuatlán to Puerto Vallarta, mainly in the affectations to homes and the people who live in them". Secondly, he said that the instruction is to have all the damaged infrastructure cut in order to be able to start with the attention to the stores and businesses that were affected by the overflowing of rivers and streams.

IN PUERTO VALLARTA In the particular case of Puerto Vallarta, the needs due to the overflowing of the Cuale River, which damaged bridges, buildings, houses, businesses and several automobiles that were swept away by the violent current of water that overflowed in the center of the city, will be attended to. Accompanied by state and municipal authorities and officials, Esquer Gutiérrez made a supervisory tour of the affected perimeter of approximately 12 blocks in Puerto Vallarta, where neighbors, merchants and shopkeepers are carrying out cleanup work. As of today, Monday, August 30, the technical committees will begin to carry out the corresponding reports for the registration and survey of damages. Information will be gathered on public infrastructure, roads and highways, economic development in relation to damaged businesses and stores, and social development to assist families who suffered losses in their homes.

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