The Governor Toured by the Áreas Affected by Hurricane “Nora"

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At the foot of the collapsed bridge over the Cuale River authorities gave him a detailed report of damages and a preliminary count of the damages

This Thursday the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, visited the areas
affected by the passage of hurricane "Nora" in the Centro and Emiliano Zapata neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta. At the site, at the foot of the collapsed bridge over the Cuale River, state and municipal Civil Protection personnel gave him a detailed report of the damages and a preliminary count of the damages. During the tour, in which he was accompanied by the interim municipal president, Jorge Quintero Alvarado, he found that more than 90 percent of the surrounding streets are now clean and in trafficable condition. However, security cordons are being maintained while work is being done to clean up the remains of the collapsed bridge over the Cuale River.

The objective is to avoid that in the event of a torrential rain, the riverbed of the tributary will be interrupted and cause greater flooding. ECONOMIC RESOURCES It should be recalled that the governor informed last August 31 that the government of Jalisco has approximately 30 million pesos. These resources are ready to be used to repair the damages caused by hurricane Nora in the municipalities comprising the north and south coast regions, particularly Puerto Vallarta.

The governor mentioned that he will do what is necessary for the recovery of Vallarta, that he will not leave us alone and even if he had to cut budgets in other areas, to solve the damages caused by the hurricane.

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