The Romantic Zone Is Cut Off With the City Center

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No passage to the Center all the accesses that go from the Romantic Zone To downtown are cordoned off.

The municipal authorities of Puerto Vallarta began to count the damages caused by the effects of hurricane "Nora" on Saturday night and early Sunday morning. "Nora" passed as a category 1 hurricane off the coasts of Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco) and Bahía de Banderas (Nayarit), bringing with it rains that flooded streets and avenues, as well as winds that knocked down trees and electric power poles, besides causing other damages to some houses from which sheets of metal were blown off and into which water from nearby rivers and streams entered. The greatest damages were caused by the abundant quantities of water that Nora discharged in the mountains and that went down rivers and streams in Puerto Vallarta, such as the Cuale and Pitillal rivers. In the particular case of the Cuale River, it overflowed in the very center of the city, where damages multiplied as the water flowed through the streets and affected businesses, restaurants and houses.

PRELIMINARY DAMAGE COUNT Among the most serious damage was the collapse of the bridge over the Cuale River and the collapse of an adjacent building called CoWork (which for years housed the department store La Surtidora del Puente), where a child was reported missing. There is also damage to the Cuale municipal market building, next to the river, where the foundations were exposed and the street connecting to the bridge was fractured. In the center of the city, in the streets bordering the Cuale River, there are overturned cars that were swept away by the violent current that overflowed, there is also mud, stones, sand and countless belongings that were carried away by the force of the water from commercial premises, restaurants and homes.

Even the suspension bridge that connects the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood with the Cuale River island was closed to pedestrians because its foundations were affected by the strong current of the overflowing water.

ANOTHER FRACTURED BRIDGE There is more damage in other parts of the port, such as in the area of Paso Ancho, where the vehicular bridge that connects to the highway also collapsed, leaving only one lane from north to south, after the other lane was torn away by the force of the water from the Cuale River, which also affected the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Canoas and Caloso. In the Remance neighborhood, in the same area, a new condominium building was also reported affected by the force of the water. The degree of damage is being assessed. Damage was also reported in the Pitillal and Las Juntas districts and other neighborhoods, where power poles and trees fell, and several homes were affected by the water from the overflowing rivers and streams.

NO PASSAGE TO THE CENTER It should be noted that in all the affected areas there is the presence of elements of the Municipal Police and Transit, Civil Protection and Firefighters, as well as other municipal agencies such as Public Works, in addition to elements of the National Guard. For now, the passage is closed from south to north, that is to say, all the accesses that go from the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood to downtown are cordoned off, including the bridge that connects the beach side of the boardwalk with the Romantic Zone and Los Muertos beach.

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