Thousands Of Vallartenses And North Americans Went To Get Vaccinated

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This weekend they filled the scheduled venues to receive the dose from AstraZeneca and have access to bars.

After the explosive growth of covid infections, following the Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, Vallartenses sought to get immunized, in addition to the requirement of a vaccination certificate, to enter recreational sites as of this past Friday. The lines of stragglers were registered in this last day of the week since before the opening of the vaccination centers in the second day to apply first and second doses, from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, as well as the booster to senior citizens, who completed the scheme six months ago.

This happened this weekend, after the call of the authorities to the population to get immunized, due to the fact that the new variant Omicron strain is highly transmissible, also attributed to the fact that it is now a requirement to have the vaccination certificate to enter establishments such as bars, nightclubs and casinos or mass events. There was a large influx of people who came to get vaccinated and there were many stragglers who had not been encouraged until now, which require them to have a vaccination certificate with at least one vaccine or a negative covid test within 48 hours. The coordinator of the Welfare Secretary Ernesto Sanchez commented that there was an excellent response so that the Lija and the Naval Hospital, venues of this last day in Puerto Vallarta, worked at their maximum capacity to supply the demand of people who went to the venues to get vaccinated where 36,000 doses were applied in total