Jalisco Exceeds 10.8 Million Doses

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The recent shipment of vaccines received by the state of Jalisco exceeds 10 million doses.

The 55th shipment of vaccines against COVID-19 arrived in Jalisco. This delivery consists of 95 thousand doses corresponding to the AstraZeneca laboratory, which will be used to apply the booster to people over 30 years of age. To date, the entity has received 10 million 828 thousand 162 doses of vaccines from different laboratories and more than 90 percent has been applied, indicated the head of the Jalisco State Health Secretariat (SSJ), Fernando Petersen Aranguren, upon leading the reception of the biological and, through a message on social networks, he advanced: "We expect a good response. I invite all those adults who have yet to complete their vaccinations and even if you are over 18 years of age and for some reason have not yet received any vaccination, do not miss the opportunity and be attentive to our calls". In the meantime, yesterday, Wednesday, the state platform https://vacunacion.jalisco.gob.mx/ was opened with appointments to immunize the group of adolescents between 14 and 17 years old.

HEALTH EXHORTATION The Secretary of Health urged the population to get information through the official channels of the State Government and the SSJ, where details of the new days are permanently made known. Petersen Aranguren added that, although the cases of COVID-19 are decreasing, "we should not be confident. The vaccines are safe; they protect us from serious complications and reduce the risk of death from coronavirus infection. In addition, it is important to follow preventive measures: proper use of masks, frequent hand washing and avoiding crowded or unventilated places"

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