An Interview With The Director Of The Avant Garde Dental

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Dr. Adrian Octavio Gonzalez Lomeli, Doctor of Dental Sciences (DDS)
Graduated from the University of Guadalajara, Jalisco

I was greeted by Dr. Octavio in a very careful and with greater willingness to answer my interview, he looked a little tired, but still decided to assist me and answer my questions.

Dr-Octavio-showcaseDr. Octavio had been receiving patients from the early morning,  even though his schedule was full he asked me to start my interview

VT Q= Dr. I know of a program that has helped many people with doctors from other countries, could explain how it works.?

Doctor A = Yes, we have a program every two months, but beginning this month is montlhy.

There are different groups that come precisely to prepare to become certified in implantology, this project has the academic support of the University of Guadalajara, both implants, as the diploma I'll start this on February 15.

VT Q= Could you explain what is Implantology?

Doctor A = The implants are resources that are used to restore teeth that have been lost, implants are the roots of the teeth is like installing new roots on teeth that no longer exist so they can get those teeth roots again, it works better than it is being replaced, all other implants are aesthetic.

VT Q = Doctor Octovio is true that you  market is with foreigns?

Doctor A = No, well if I see many foreign patients possibly 80% or 90% of my patients are foreigners, but I have many local patients.

Now with the patients received implants program who wish to have implants, people who otherwise would be very difficult to pay the price of the implants, we  install them free so far 2004 implants were installed for free, ie, there is a benefit fairly large social, If you ask in an office the cost of  implant, will see that range from the equivalent of $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 Dlls.

I just said a patient who made ​​a budget of $ 5,000 U.S. Dollars. by implant then, well here the price is much less, we are talking about $ 1,000 USD, but if you multiply $ 1.200 USD. X 2004 implants we carry, we have given this benefit, people are very happy because they get their implants for free.

VT Q= Dr. Octavio you have the same technology used in the U.S. and Canada?

Doctor A = Yes, definitely yes, and in our knowledge we always try to stay at the forefront, we have an incredible team that comes from Germany and Zuiza, we receive a scanner apparatus for CT scans of the skull to make better design of implant treatments, we are also going to receive a new device that PerioScan used to render parodoncia treatments, because it has a scanner that detects the presence of plaque or some other material.

Many times in some periodontal surgery procedures are almost blind, to touch, and with this technology avoid all that because as soon as the scanner detects a foreign body appears on the screen and tells us that intensities and frequencies used for these calculations that seforman dissolve gums.

VT Q= Do you have any new program?

Doctor A= We are currently working with a new functional rehabilitation program, and in this respect is very important the work we do, it is also research.

We have now two very interesting research projects, one on temporomandibular joint problems what Americans call TMJ PROBLEMS very successful, our project is working well, practically since the investigation was completed and we are only bringing more cases to better document our theory, the other is the growth of bone lost periodontal disease through stem cell which is also running.

Unfortunately the last one is expensive, not all patients can afford these stem cells but so far has been incredibly successful we do not charge patients thet only pay the cells and know that we are in a research project, we just want to measure results and achievement is greater in some patients than in others, we are expect more patients to come.

VT Q= Dr. Octavio, how people learn about the programs, so they can go directly to you?

Doctor A = We have a program to attract patients who want to receive the implants for free, and our team of professionals need a certification in your country, which deal with patient volunteers who want addressed. in this manner we give service.

VT Q= What are the specialties that primarily handled?

Doctor A= Rehabilitation, Implantology, Parodoncia surgical cosmetic dentistry, and has just joined us a pediatric dentist, also makes Orthodontics.

We have the best Endodontists, and sometimes we send our patients to their clinics or doctors come here.

VT Q= What would you like to say to foreigners who lives here?

Doctor A= Well, we are happy to serve them and solve their problems, we know that for them must be stressful being in a place that meets your expectations where service standards are equivalent to those of their country, let them know that we are in a constant effort to interact with other dentists from other countries who come here, to be in international standards our motto is "We enjoyed the honor of serving you."

VT Q = Finally, tell me about the facilities, ie, safety measures?

Doctor A= We have absolute autonomy in each of the spaces, we have 6 operative, a classroom, a laboratory,  a washing room and sterilized each area has a power line itself, their air conditioner, and the operative, each device has its own compressor so that if there is a short circuit will automatically boot the switch from the line is damaged and eill be no more complications.

We do not use gas to prevent accidents, and as for the architectural design is quite broad, with green areas and wide parking and no patients waiting more than 5 minutes without being served.

The doctor said goodbye this way:
We will continue helping people in need and require our support, we will continue to receive academic accommodations, as we are the first to have a regular academic tourism.

We do have a project to finish. This ia a mobile dental unit, we have the support of a group of American friends which  they are providing financial support to carry out this project, with a cost $ 4,500 Dlls. previously we gave support to these families.

With this new unit we can go to the mountains and meet families of farmers who want addressed us, as a support for the families living in the mountains and have a hard time moving to the city.

This aid is completely voluntary nonprofit and we do gladly, farmers are very friendly and cater very well, is like hiking for us.

Dr. Octavio, I really appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule  to assist me with my interview and answer all the questions  so kindly despite your tiredness and I also would like to attach your phone and address for people who want to participate in the programs you are doing.


Avant Garde Dental (dental unit)
Phone: (322) 224 February 43 From USA / Canada 011 52 (322) 224 02 43
E.mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cardinal closed 227-int. 5 The Aralias
(within the Rancho Ojo de Agua) Puerto Vallarta Jal. C.P. 48 328.