Empowering Message For Mexican Women from Nike

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Today, Nike's famous tagline "Just Do It" targets women in Mexico for the first time and with spectacular ferocity.

Titled "Juntas Imparables" ("Together Unstoppable"), the campaign stars female pros like soccer player Nayeli Rangel, boxer Mariana "Barby" Juarez, Olympic gymnast Alexa Moreno, basketball player Casandra Ascencio and track & field athlete Paola Moran turning the streets of Mexico into their playground.

The spot open with a young woman literally trapped in gridlock and trapped by the expectations of her mother, who we see primping her daughter's 'do to be just so, armed with a can of hairspray. The young lady peeks out of the car and finds inspiration in Moran, running through the streets, exploring and dodging obstacles, powered by her athletic body and her Nikes. The girl then leaps out of the car with a pair of friends, swerving past other autos, traffic cops and through the muck of metropolitan chaos. They set off a chain reaction a working woman enraged by a phone call drops everything to join them as more athletes jump in. When it looks like they've finally hit an insurmountable roadblock construction boxer Juarez emerges to smash it all to smithereens and the women, once again, are free to soar

The spot introduces a campaign running from September 10th to October 19th asking Mexican women to join the #JuntasImparables challenge on Nike.com with three of their friends. It invites them to chart their minutes of sport and working out, and any physical activity from running to yoga to pilates counts. Nike will award the winning team a 1 year sponsorship.

The ad was created out of Wieden & Kennedy Portland and directed by Tim Noakes via Prettybird.

 Source: adage 

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