Marijuana Oil in Mexico Proving Itself in the Campaign for Regulation

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Several creams and oils made using cannabidiol (CBD) are being publicized at the America Expoweed 2017 cannabis fair in Mexico City, at the same time that the Mexican government for the first time is providing treatment using cannabis based products to 11 patients with serious illnesses such as epilepsy and cancer.

Mexican law still does not allow the sale of these products, but it does allow their import, while the Federal Protection Commission against Health Risks (Cofepris) is working on regulatory frameworks to include these types of treatments.

Last April, the Chamber of Deputies approved the medicinal use of cannabis to treat illnesses, also allowing clinical research into new treatments.

Manufacturers of the products are starting to proliferate. One of them is Cannaohm, one of the first Mexican firms to produce CBD-based products.

The firm’s director, Jiangsu Wongpec, told EFE about the different sublingual oils that will soon be available “for the public’s different illnesses and needs.”

The company will produce and distribute assorted treatments for various ailments, including oils with high concentrations of CBD and tetrahidrocannabinol (THC), another powerful psychoactive agent derived from cannabis, “for more serious diseases” such as Parkinson’s or epilepsy.

For less serious ailments, “very probably one will not need a medical prescription,” Wongpec said.

Currently, the company hopes that Colfepris “will establish the rules of the game,” although no company obtained authorization at the Expoweed fair, which runs from Aug. 18-20 in Mexico City, to physically display their products to the public.

Meanwhile, HempMeds Mexico, a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana, a US firm, was selected by the government of Mexico state to distribute oil derived from cannabis to the 11 seriously ill patients.

The oil “complies with national and international regulations for being safe and effective,” the firm said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the gradual normalization of the use of chemical derivatives of cannabis for medical purposes continues in Mexico.

Source: laht

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