New Combination Doctor / Dentist Office in La Marina!

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There is a new medical/dentist practice in La Marina, just a block from the Bull Ring and the Oxxo!

Many in Vallarta know the convenience of the local medical practices in Vallarta!  Now there is a combination Doctor / Dentist practice here in Vallarta.  Dr. José Rodríguez Gómez and Dr José Alejandro Rodríguez Hernández Jr, a father and son team!  Vallarta Today took the time to interview both father and son for our readers to understand who they are and how they hope to benefit Vallartaenes!

Interview with: Doctor José Rodríguez Gómez (the father)

Dr. Jose graduated from the University of Guadalajara, and originally from Puerto Vallarta, he is a general practitioner specializing in general surgery, as well as having a master's degree in cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine. (UNAM)

In his long career as a surgeon, he worked for important governmental institutions such as social insurance (IMSS) and the Regional Hospital, as well as private hospitals. He has extensive experience of more than 27 years and has managed to perform more than 3000 surgeries on patients.


doctor jose 320x212Dr. José Rodríguez with what kind of cosmetic surgery will you work?

The cosmetic surgery that we handle is a branch of plastic surgery, in which we are not invasive, that is to say there are surgeries that are done in an office where the patient does not stay in an operating room, but in the same way there is intervention in which it is necessary to take them to a hospital, to submit them to a surgical event, then we transfer the patient.

What kind of operations are going to be carried out in the clinic?

Surgical events such as operations of large varicose veins, interventions of small veins as well as genetics problems in eye lids that are already tired or fallen, thats when corrected the person is left with another look.
Is there any benefit to using eye lid surgery than using botox?

 It is good to touch this point, since generally the person who presents wrinkles with somewhat marked folds of expression, suddenly says I still do not need it, I will wait to be older, and I will tell them that it is not true and they are usually 4 to 6 months to return again apply another session, the more timely the application of botox is better, and the muscle that is working there is put to rest to prevent it from following the aging process.


At what age is Botox recommended?

From the age of 35

What would be the indications that the patient should follow after a botox session?

Above all, the patient after an application of this liquid shoud not go to bed, do not to sleep, it is necessary to wait at least three hours before going to bed, because the botox, is like any liquid, changes place and changes The expected effects, then there could be some problem of inflammation in the area where it was applied, another recommendation is not sunbathing.

Risks that can happen if the indications are not followed after an application?

Change the intensity of what is expected and something very serious that although it is not fatal. What happens is that the eyelid falls and the eyebrow falls because time needs to pass, which would be six months and it is not easy; you have to be very specific when giving directions to the patient.

Dr. Could some paralysis occur when applying botox?

In fact, the application of botox (botulinum toxin type A) paralyzes a small group of muscles from an area, so that they do not continue to contract the muscles, do not continued going the natural folds without exaggerating, and in a certain way remediate the wrinkles.

How is the need to perform eye lid surgery determined?

An eye lid that looks bigger, there is no way to correct it with botox; You have to remove a small fragment of eyelid so that it is as small as it was before and it is necessary to carry out a surgery after 45 years.
What other parts of the body covers the cosmetic surgery that you will perform?
Neck, cheeks and forehead, as well as application of naso-genian nose furrows.

Is there any risk in this type of surgery?

Like all surgeries It involves general anesthesia and having the sense of aesthetics, the risks will always exist cannot be guaranteed.

Is there any advance in technology when practicing varicose vein surgery?

The newest way to correct the smaller veins would be by means of injections of polidocanol, or similarly they can be extracted with a special hook called Müller, which is used when the vein, due to its anatomical state, cannot be injected, so the procedure would be in the clinic and with local anesthesia.

How is the process determined?

Varicose veins or as the medical term indicates is a peripheral venous insufficiency, which requires a study with ultrasound, and the procedure is required to introduce a guide, with a laser where it enters the femoral vein with a depth of approximately one inch and when he is inside, he starts to burn the area with shots until he break it down. Once the process is over, the patient is able to walk without having to stay hospitalized.

What does it take from this experience to have contributed to the growth of this prestigious institution?


The renowned Dr. José Rodríguez, who has extensive experience for his patients comfort and will continue to offer his medical services at his new clinic: Polimedica located at Avenida Politécnico 122, in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Which will have different specialties such as orthodontics and physiotherapy. 

You may reach us at (322) 779-8653 in Vallarta or 011 52 1 (322) 779-8653 from United States and Canada

Interview with Dr. José Alejandro Rodríguez Hernández (The son)

Dr. Jose, general practitioner specializing in orthodontics, is a graduate of the National Institute of Orthodontics and Maxillary Orthopedics in the city of Guadalajara, currently working in Dental Polymedicine, which is owner in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

dentisi jose jr 320x212Dr. José Alejandro Rodríguez, at what age is appropriate to start an orthodontic treatment?

It is recommended from 5 years old to start with a maxillary orthopedic treatment, to prevent children from suffering malformations or problems such as the habit of suction, together with all the problems that may occur up to adolescence and the orthodontic treatment itself, from 12 years onwards.

How is an orthodontic treatment compared to general dentistry?

Orthodontics is a branch of medicine, which does not involve pain as other specialties, it is very simple and very important to help the growth of a good dental functional and aesthetic training.

Which are the specialties that the clinic will handle?

Specialties such as surgery, endodontic, pediatrics, and general dentistry with basic services such as application of resins and amalgams with fixed prostheses, whitening, guard and extractions.

How long is it required to correct a malformed or disordered dentures?

A simple case one year or six months and some more complex cases up to 2 years, 6 months.

A malformed palate can be corrected, but it is suggested that it would be corrected at an early age and not wait until the bone is more welded, if the bone welds together then surgery is much more complicated.

What type of braces will be used?

If the patient requires a specific type of braces, they can choose a different types such as the one made of sapphire and the basic metal.

What advantages would be obtained by applying an orthodontic treatment at an early age?

Applying orthodontic treatment at an early age is very convenient. 5 years and up, the process is much faster, because the bone is more docile and the results can avoid surgery.

Do molars or wisdom teeth affect an orthodontic process?

Definitely, when the molars come out, it is recommended to perform a surgery to remove them, a problems can arise like rashes and the need to remove teeth.

Can patients undergo surgery if necessary within the same clinic?

Yes, we will have another specialty such as surgery.

A specialist surgeon will arrive and continue all needed services that is needed by the patient, this process passes on all needed information.

Is there something new in technology in orthodontic treatments?

The braces vary a lot and what we will use is something more modern, it is a high quality braces that do not cause friction. We find that friction occurs when the braces are of low quality, we found that a low quality product produces heat and can cause the gum to grow causing dental problems.

Does the patient undergoing orthodontic treatment require special cleaning?

Yes, patients who are under orthodontic treatment should brush precisely as the doctor recommends, they recommend that you use a brush suitable for orthodontics that is indicated as a thin brush that is designed to be able to pass under the wire and easily clean the neighboring teeth.

Can a 50 year old person take this orthodontic treatment?

Yes, but It may take a little more time to fix.

In which case the use of orthodontics evaluation is recommended?

Orthodontics is recommended when the teeth is set in a bad position, according to the patient's bite, it is critical for the mouth to set perfectly and promote healthy movement of the upper and lower jaw.

Is there a study to determine orthodontics?

It is very important before starting a treatment that the patient undergoes an X-ray, a panoramic and a lateral study of the skull, to determine the type of orthodontics to be applied.

Why is this study important?

It is necessary to check that the patient has healthy bones that do not show any indications of deterioration, we also look for bone disease in order to insure a healthy mouth.

How often does a patient with braces return to the orthodontist?

Braces requires two sessions, the patient should come back every month for a check-up.

For people interested in an orthodontic treatment as they could contact you

The fastest way is through the account: facebookdentalpolimedica where we will gladly assist you. You may also reach us at (322) 779-8653 in Vallarta or 011 52 1 (322) 779-8653 from United States and Canada