Active Cases Of Coronavirus Continue To Increase

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Hospitalizations in Jalisco and the increase of infections have caused the government to implement new sanitary measures.

In recent days, the number of active and hospitalized cases in the state of Jalisco due to the coronavirus has increased significantly. The Federal Health Ministry reports that 5,694 people have manifested symptoms of the disease in the last two weeks. At the same time, the daily case report of the Jalisco Radar System reported 1,93 positive cases, which is the highest figure since January of last year. Active cases stand at 7,906, as they include tests performed in private laboratories. In terms of hospitalizations, the database of the Ministry of Health of Jalisco reports 202 patients in public hospitals, and over the weekend there were 198. There are 136 hospitalized in IMSS facilities; 31 in hospitals of the Jalisco Health Secretariat, 30 in Civil Hospitals and 5 in ISSSTE. There are 11 in private hospitals.

The current hospital occupancy rate is 16.12%, since there is capacity to provide up to 1,253 general beds for Covid patients. For this reason, the authorities of the sector emphasize to continue respecting the sanitary measures such as the use of masks, application of antibacterial gel, temperature check, avoiding crowded places, as well as new measures: the vaccination certificate, and examinations such as the negative test of maximum 48 hours. To be tested in case of any symptoms, and if positive, follow the doctor's instructions, isolate yourself to avoid spreading the virus to others, and eat healthily.

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