Cellstime Clinique, Clinic Specialized In Regenerative Medicine.

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"Innovative treatment in the skin regeneration process".

Innovation in aesthetic regenerative medicine with exosomes and growth factors. Dr. Jorge Luis Campos Mendez, tells us about this innovative technique applied in his patients, regenerating their skin, giving it a rejuvenating appearance. This prestigious clinic currently offers the latest in cutting-edge regenerative and anti-aging facial treatments with exosomes and growth factors obtained from mesenchymal stem cell cultures. Exosomes are small vesicles of 30 to 150 nanometers, they allow communication between cells, in their interior they transport important proteins for these, sending the message of regeneration to the skin.

The specialist performs micropunctures all over the surface of the skin, while applying the exosomes and growth factors topically, initiating the dermal regeneration process. This treatment requires 4 to 6 sessions, over a period of six months. Cellstime clinique treatments are preventive treatments to reduce wrinkles, expression lines, as well as the elimination of scars and skin blemishes. Once the treatments have been applied, it is necessary to avoid the sun's rays and do not wear make-up, use the RS85 regenerating serum at home (from the Livecells brand, an exclusive line for facial care) as well as sunscreen to keep the skin in a healthy state. This treatments are for man and women.

It is worth mentioning that Cellstime Clinique will start these treatments in Puerto Vallarta in March 2021, being pioneers in this process of skin regeneration with stem cell exosomes. Certified medical personnel will attend you

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