New Measures Against Coronavirus Announced

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In bars it will be possible to present as an option a negative test for a maximum of 48 hours.

In view of the significant increase of positive cases of Covid-19 in the last few days, the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, announced six new measures to avoid more contagions of coronavirus in the municipalities of the state. He explained that after the meeting of the Mesa de Salud Jalisco, where the indicators of the virus in the state were analyzed, six measures were agreed to be applied starting next Friday, January 14. Among the measures are: 1).-Maintain the economic growth strategy. 2).-Applying a staggered calendar for the return to school. 3).-Presentation of a mandatory vaccination certificate to enter businesses. 4).-Reduction of stadium capacity. 5) Strengthen its medicine purchasing system. 6).-Increase testing and tracking of coronavirus infections.

No Changes In Capacity: The Governor of Jalisco explained each of the new measures that will be applied in the state to try to put a stop to the number of coronavirus infections. He said that the economic growth strategy is maintained, that is to say, in businesses and other establishments there are no changes in capacity or schedules. Only the filters at the entrance and the current measures are still in place. He argued that even though the number of cases of infection by the virus is on the rise, hospitalizations and deaths remain stable.

Secondly, a staggered back-to-school calendar will be applied, so that elementary school students will return to classes next Monday, January 17 as scheduled; however, he emphasized that it is still optional. High school students return to classrooms on January 31 and from that last day, universities can decide the date of return. At the University of Guadalajara it will be February 8. MANDATORY CERTIFICATION IN BARS In the third instance, the governor spoke of the requirement to present a mandatory vaccination certificate. The vaccination certificate will be mandatory for some activities such as entrance to bars and nightclubs, concerts, exhibitions, halls and events. A negative test of maximum 48 hours may also be presented instead. The fourth measure is to reduce the capacity of stadiums, so that attendance will be 60% of their capacity.

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