An Experience of Cults, Mind Control and the Fake Pandemic

Mental Health
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After making my last post on Vallarta Today, I omitted my background, thinking that readers could get it from my previous article. That didn’t happen, so I’ve decided to share it here. Once you read this, you will discover where I come from and what gives me the authority to write about mind control.

It all began when I was 19 years old. I just gotten out of high school didn't have any sense of direction. Worse, things were really rough at home. All of us were fighting with each other and life was miserable. Every chance I got, I was hanging out with a friend of mine from high school. More often than not he would preach to me about his Christian faith. Every time he did that, I politely declined.

That changed one evening when I was feeling quite vulnerable. When he pitched me, I gave in and accepted his born again Christian faith. Doing so triggered one of the worst nightmares of my life. I was given some teachings and was told Satan would test me for my decision and try to get me to backslide (leave the faith). The next day when a clock fell on my head I attributed it to Satan testing me (I totally ignored the fact I’d backed into the clock, causing it to fall).

Shortly after that, I was taken to the church (First Assembly Pentecostal in Calgary) where they made a big fuss over me and told me that converting Jews was a high priority and if they converted just one Jew it was equivalent to saving the entire world. I was indoctrinated into many practice such as chanting, speaking in tongues, various social events and a lot of isolation. We were told how special we were and how evil the rest of the world was around us.

Among other things, I developed a huge fear of Satan, the outside world and my family, which caused me to retreat deeper and deeper into the cult mindset. My personality changed dramatically and I began having nightmares. Mentally and emotionally, I was a wreck. This went on for 9 months. My mother saw the alarming changes and tried to talk to me but I shut her out. Everything changed when a friend of the family saw me going into the church and told my parents.

That triggered a confrontation. I almost went out the window to the cult that night, but I had nowhere to go and no money, so I stayed. That night my parents took me to a clergyman in the Jewish faith who berated me for what I did and demanded that I read repentance prayers for my actions every day. I did that for a while but quit. I started to go back to the church on the sly but I was caught again, which triggered another confrontation. After some some research, I learned about an anti-cult facility in Iowa City and my parents took me there.

While there, the staff confronted my parents, especially my father, over the way he was treating me. That didn’t go well and my father walked out on the session (not the first time he did that when confronted). That left me to deal with everything alone.

A few days after arriving, I met Bob, my deprogrammer. For nearly three days we circled each other, like a couple of prizefighting boxers. His job was to penetrate my defenses and knock me out the cult mindset. He explained how mind control works and what had happened to me, but it was clear he wasn’t getting through.

After three days of this, he played some of the last tapes of Jonestown, just before the mass suicide. There was one guy who had a weird laugh, who sounded like a demented chipmunk. It was terrifying and the shock of his voice broke through my defenses. Again, Bob showed me how I’d been duped. This time, I was ready to listen. After the deprogramming, Bob and I parted, as friends.

I stayed at the halfway house for 6 weeks. While there I met ex members from the Hare Krishna, Moonies, Divine Light Mission, The Way International, and other cults. Some of them became my friends and we stayed in touch for many years.

When I returned home, I was quite disoriented and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, I began to make friends with other ex-cult members and was eventually introduced to a detective sergeant in the Calgary Police force who became my friend.

One thing led to another. I wrote an article about my experiences and I became a part of the anti-cult movement. I read dozens of books about cults and mind control and gave many talks and lectures. The experience turned me into a minor celebrity. One thing that came into my possession was the manual from The Messianic Jewish Movement International, which was used to recruit me. When some of my friends saw it, they said it read like the Moonies 120-day training manual.

When the so-called pandemic hit, I didn’t fall for the propaganda. I knew something was seriously wrong and it had nothing to do with a virus. I kept thinking, “I’ve seen this before,” and “I know this,”
but I couldn’t make the connection.

One day I realized what was wrong. I made the connection and when I did, I knew that the so-called pandemic was nothing more than a carefully crafted fraud. I saw that anywhere the lockdowns were taking place, the governments and media were using industrial strength mind control techniques on their citizens without their knowledge or consent. This is why I wrote my article.

The People Have Given Away Their Power

Much of humanity is walking around in a form of trance, not unlike Neo in “The Matrix.” Among other things, the people believe the government has the power to do whatever it wants and all they can do is complain, hold protests, etc. But the reality is the power rests with the people; it always has. If enough people stood up and said to the government, “You most stop,” the government would have to obey. They would have no other choice if they wanted to hold onto their positions. The only reason the government is able to abuse their positions is because the people have given their power away. It is that simple.

The power rests with the people, it always has. If enough people say “NO,” the government would have to obey.

How to Protect Yourself from Government & Mass Media Mind Control

• Stop watching TV
• Stop listening to the radio
• Stop reading the newspaper
• Avoid all discussions about Covid-19.
• When possible, unplug from all social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

If the news is important, create an aggregator which will give you all the top headlines which you read once per week and no more than that.

In my next article I will write about mind control in more depth and share what it was like being a part of the anti-cult movement.

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