How To Build Your Confidence In ONE Simple Step!

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Today I would like to show you how to get an instant confidence boost in less than a minute? I know that’s a pretty brash claim, but I can prove it to you.


Confidence is one of those things that we all seem to want more of. Regardless of how much we have. There’s always a next challenge, another goal to reach, isn’t there?

How you feel about yourself determines everything you will or won’t do. I won’t go into it fully now, but confidence, when you can summon it in an instant, is truly bankable.

Your confidence that you project builds trust from others Confidence creates a feeling of trust of self from within.

Your confident communication makes teams more productive, and inner confidence makes one feel more vital and alive.

Here is how to get a quick and obvious confidence boost.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to measure where your confidence levels are right now (in your head). How do you do that? Simply check in with yourself as to how you feel (it sometimes help to close your eyes).

Imagine that high confidence is a ten, and a no confidence is zero. Perhaps you’re not really feeling like connecting with others right now. In fact, you’d prefer to be on holidays, swinging on a hammock? Maybe your feeling a little anxious about something that’s coming up? If you’re not at the bottom, you’re not a zero and if you’re not at the top, you’re not a ten, you’re somewhere in-between. Go ahead and give your confidence level a number now.

Go ahead and calibrate yourself now. This is our measure point.

Now that you have your number, at least you know where you’re starting from. I know this might sound strange, but confidence is just a decision. From over 22,000 hours of coaching high-level performers, I’ve discovered that confidence is a quick, unconscious body scan about how we’re feeling inside, followed by a decision. The decision is usually a black or white one, such as I’m confident or I’m not confident. However, we can change our confidence by instead of scanning internally, we can scan our timeline.

Such as, think of a time that you had the highest confidence ever! Again, it’s sometimes easier to close your eyes as you recall it in a picture. Now, hear in your head the sounds associated with that picture and finally, allow yourself to feel it again. Begin to notice how your decision about your confidence levels seem to change.

Here is another way to boost confidence that’s quick and simple.

Confidence starts at your sternum. Why your sternum? No reason really. It’s just a good place to start to increase your confidence. Now, your sternum is just below the point where your collarbones meet your chest. Raise your sternum slightly, a few centimetres (a couple of inches) now and notice how you feel more alert, more confident and perhaps even healthier.

Now. Recalibrate yourself. Did your number increase? Typically, when we raise our sternum, we immediately feel more alert and alive. It’s a simple trick we teach our Speaker students – after all, when you are going to present at a meeting or speak to an audience, you need to feel alert, alive and more confident.

Raising your sternum also makes you more upright and strangely, I’ve found over the 17 years of coaching, that the more mental pain one is in, the more likely we’ll lower our shoulders and arch our backs. Too much computer or desk work can do this too. So while you’re reading this, pull your shoulders back and lift that sternum and notice how much better you feel. I hope this simple little tip helped you today.

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