Meditation and Emotional Awareness

Mental Health
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Everything starts and ends with your state of mind and how you process your daily information. Meditation is not difficult to learn and is a rather simple thing to do. Meditation is a mental and spiritual activity we can practice every day and by doing so it will contribute greatly to your wellbeing. 

Meditation is not an activity you “do”, but rather is an activity of “being”. For many people it can be difficult to meditate because we normally have a “tornado” of unrelated thoughts running through our heads at any given time. To sit and just “meditate” isn’t automatic. It takes practice and it can be difficult to quiet your mind at first. Once we achieve a “Quiet mind” we can begin to take control of our thoughts. As begin to take control of our thoughts and mind we can better control our life. For many it’s difficult to “quiet” our minds and this makes it difficult to connect with our emotions. 

Meditation is the act being aware and alert to everything that happens inside and outside of our mind and body. Most people are stressed with the daily issues and concerns that come up. These stresses can cause insomnia and other stress related health symptoms. Our active thoughts, emotions, physical and energetic body are all connected and hopefully working together in harmony. When they aren’t connected correctly we are aware of this through our emotions and how we feel. But our inner wellbeing is reflected in how we see ourselves and how we relate to others. Basically if you have a bad attitude, then you relate that same attitude though your energy and how you communicate with others! 

With our busy lives, Covid, money, work situations we’re all living in stressful times for sure. We put things like reconnecting with ourselves to the back burner. With society and stress, we never seem to take the time to reconnect with ourselves and be fully aware of our emotional wellbeing.  Many times I will ask people who are taking a hydrotherapy treatment “how are you” or “How do you feel”? They normally answer “everything is fine”, but inside we know that this is not the case. Especially when you can feel the negative energy or they’re not “open” to talk. You can see it in their face and you know this is just not true. Many times people don’t want to connect with their “inner being” which forces us to look at “our reality” or basically the state of our life.  Of course it never seems to us like our world is going fine. But rather we think more of the negative and what needs drastic attention, which comes down to stress once again. The world is easier place to deal with in denial, which is exactly the situation when you refuse to look into something where you may not like the answer. Much like an alcoholic in denial. There is no problem until you accept the problem. So at what point do we begin to understand we’re in denial? And when we do accept we’re in denial, what do you do about it?

Meditation is pure self-observation. In a sense it’s like opening your head and taking a look around. This is the first step to becoming aware of the physical and spiritual state of your mind and body. Your consciousness will tell you if there is pain in your body buy making you feel uncomfortable. If you feel anxious, that’s a mental discomfort or mental pain that is reflected in a physical response. If on the other hand you feel great and don’t have any anxiety, this too is a physical reflection of your state of mind. So your state of mind is very important.  

The second step is to “observe” or being aware of the type of thoughts you are processing. Do you have constant and repetitive negative thoughts or negative “self-speak”? Are you having thoughts where you feel positive energy and motivation? But the question is: Can you stop your mind and stop thinking? Can you turn your mind into a blank page?   

The third step is to “observe” your emotions, or how are you feeling and what is the root cause of that feeling? This step is very important and at the same time very difficult. People in general will not accept or identify their emotions. They will accept feelings but not emotions. Any person in denial must first accept emotions! This is the root cause.   

Through meditation you can bring into harmony your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental aspects of your “wellbeing”. You can easily meditate every day in your home or some quiet space. There are many different levels of meditation and naturally we’re talking entry level meditation. 

This is the beauty of hydrotherapy, while floating with gentle movement the water gives you a feeling of quiet relaxation. This calms your mind allowing a person to “clear the page”.  Floating in the water just makes the whole process easier. People who have little or no experience with meditation will find this simple process very easy and effective as you listen to the soft water sounds.

My next article will discuss how to meditate and the different meditation processes!  

I hope this has been enlightening and I am available for questions through the link. Feel the power of self-empowerment and the “lightness of being”. Free your emotions and enjoy a beautiful life. 

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