The Art of Massage and its Benefits

Mental Health
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The art and science of “Massage” have been in existence for more than a thousand years. The Chinese believe massages are beneficial to increased circulation and physical benefits. When we have physical or emotional pain or feel stress in our bodies, it`s normal to get a massage as an alternative therapy. Inexplicably we feel an improvement, healing and a feeling of well-being in our bodies.

The main benefit of massage: Improve the nervous system, strengthens blood circulation, helps the elimination of toxins and dead cells, stimulates the lymphatic system, creates a feeling of well-being by removing energy blocks and blocked emotions, relax muscles, relieve pain and reduce stress.

Massages are a powerful tool that help you take responsibility for your physical health, ideal for mental emotional well-being and your energy balance.
Puerto Vallarta is known for the variety of massage services that you can find in Spas or at the facilities within the hotels. In these locations you can enjoy the multiple benefits of massage. Since ancient times massage has been a way to treat bodily ailments and to restore the vigor of people’s health.

We can define massage as a combination of different physical stimuli, seeking to stimulate soft tissue by applying different manipulations with the aim of achieving different purposes, whether they are therapeutic, aesthetic, relaxing, energy and / or preventive.

During a treatment it is very important to use different supports that will make a massage have the benefits for our user. First it is very important that the Massage Therapist has the knowledge of the different types of massages with their respective benefits and what they can offer. They also need and have the necessary equipment to provide the service naturally.

Afterwards, it is very important to accompany the work with aromatherapy and use good quality essential and vehicle oils, according to the needs of our users. Aromas are of the utmost importance since they enter the bloodstream and each essence or oil has an important benefit for the body. Another influencing factor is the background music during the treatment so that the person can relax. There are various techniques with different objectives to achieve a greater benefit for our clients.

Holistic Massage. The Greek name for “all”. It is a relaxation massage that sees the body in all its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields.

Swedish massage. It is a medium compression (medium pressure strength) massage aimed at DE contracting muscles and for people who exercise.

Ayurveda Massage: Indian technique to relax and energetically rid the body with the use of essential oils according to their body structure.

Lymphatic drainage: Gentle massage to drain lymph (carries the toxins that will leave our body)

Deep Tissue Massage: It is a deep massage to reach the deep layers of the body and remove muscle contractures and pain.

Tuina, Shiatsu, Thai Massages are other oriental techniques with therapeutic and energetic benefits.

ENERGY TECHNIQUES. Reiki, Magnified Healing,
Bio-magnetism, help you balance the energy of your body and harmonize the chakras.


Today therapists must be certified to work professionally in these different techniques.

In my experience as a certified teacher and therapist in the different massage techniques I have proven that the massage is an ART. To do it correctly you need a knowledge of the different massage techniques, but the most important thing is to do it with LOVE.

I hope this has been enlightening and I am available for questions through the link.

You are an amazing individual take care of your thoughts and your emotions. Our physical body is always telling us how we find ourselves. Listen to it and treat it with light and love. Don’t wait to be sick to get a massage, take care of your health.
If you have any questions on any of my articles please feel free to contact me do discuss what of the various treatments mentioned here would be best for you.



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