Solar Energy; Puerto Vallarta,A Page In The Sun

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It is sunny, and Puerto Vallarta’s climate makes it a fantastic place to live. Especially if you can enjoy the beach as often as you want and all the activities involved living by the ocean.

But, there is a cost that a lot of current residents are continuously monitoring. That is the cost of energy for your household in Mexico.

There are many economic structural factors involved in explaining how energy prices in Mexico have risen to current levels over the past 10 years. This article is not intended to analyze them, but to address how solar can offset such a hit on a household’s budget. `

Even with current news about Solar Energy in Mexico getting a hit because of the new regulations imposed in May, 2020, it still is the best investment option to reduce your CFE bill. Few have noticed how your CFE bill is divided, but if you pay attention you’ll see several items that make up for your bill such as: Energy, Capacity, Distribution and Transmission.

Solar can have a 100% savings on the Energy and Capacity components of the bill. In most cases the Distribution and Transmission component will be reduced also if you design a system closer to your total consumption. So if we just due simple math over say a $14,000.00 USD system, (4k-6k Solar,), a house that requires such a system has a bimonthly CFE bill about $583 USD. The ROI for the project is 4 years, a sound investment. This analysis isn’t taking into account energy price increases. Shorter ROI’s can be achieved if we include expected yearly utility prices increments (8%-12% yearly increments over the past 10 years).

It is time to think outside the box, living in Puerto Vallarta was that type of decision you took anyway.