The Importance Of Nurseries In Puerto Vallarta.

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A nursery is a lifeline for nature.

For our society, the word "nursery" means: A place where plants and flowers are cultivated. And it's interesting compared to the etymology of the word. The word "nursery" comes from the Latin "vivarium," which means: A place where living beings are bred and cultivated. An incredible and beautiful meaning. The term "vivarium" in turn comes from the Latin verb "to live." In ancient Rome, vivariums were used to breed and maintain exotic animals, such as birds, fish, and reptiles. Over the decades, the concept of "vivarium" evolved into what we know today as a nursery.

Puerto Vallarta has many nurseries, one of which is located at the entrance of Pitillal, producing many shade plants, light plants, fruit trees, and timber trees. Their work is to produce so that people can buy their plants and trees in pots. The goal is reforestation or even being able to buy plants to use their beauty, so that plants and trees that have the ability to beautify spaces are safe and can have a long life. In a nursery, different species of plants and flowers are cultivated and cared for, which are then used in gardens, parks, or even in agriculture.

In Puerto Vallarta, one of the largest historical nurseries is Vivero Paraíso, which has 20 years of experience in producing a wide variety of plants at retail and wholesale. It is located at the entrance to Pitillal, living from Fluvial Vallarta, right on the corner of Exiquio Corona. This space dedicated to nature is a hope that plants can continue to lovingly serve life on planet Earth.

Vivero Paraíso opens its doors for retail sales, they are pleased to assist from 9am-7pm and even offer home delivery and gardening service. Here are some of their items for sale at very low prices:

• Persian Lily $70

• Calisthenics $120

• Chocolate $80

• Red Areca Palm $3,300

• Rooster's Tail Croton $80

• Little Frog $50

• Chrysanthemums $70

• Obelisk $100

We hope that there is a nursery near your home and that you acquire the wonderful habit of having plants to improve the air you breathe and beautify your life.