Pet Parade PV Pride 2024.

Pets and Vets
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Organizations dedicated to the rescue and care of dogs and cats play a crucial role in our society, as they provide support and protection to animals that would otherwise be in danger or abandoned. These organizations work tirelessly to rescue homeless animals, provide them with medical care, rehabilitation, and find them loving homes. Their work goes beyond saving lives; they also educate the community about the importance of responsible adoption, sterilization, and proper pet care. Supporting these organizations is crucial because they not only help needy animals but also contribute to human welfare. Numerous studies have shown that pet companionship can improve people's mental and physical health, reduce stress, and promote a sense of responsibility and empathy. By giving dogs and cats the opportunity to find a loving home, these organizations are strengthening the bonds between humans and animals, enriching our lives and communities.

For the second consecutive year, the PV Pride Pet Parade will take place, a walk with pets (and for pets) along the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta, to be held on Monday, May 20th at sunset. In addition to promoting companionship between pets and their owners, the event aims to benefit Puppy Paradise, a local civil association focused on the rescue and adoption of street dogs in Puerto Vallarta. The route of the PV Pride Pet Parade will start at 6:00 pm from Lázaro Cárdenas Park, in the Romantic Zone. It will walk along the Malecon towards the Cuale River until reaching the Fountain of Friendship, next to Los Arcos del Malecon, and then return to the starting point.

Furthermore, by financially supporting these organizations, we are investing in a more compassionate and just future for all living beings. The rescue and care of animals require significant resources, ranging from food and basic supplies to suitable facilities and trained personnel. Without the support of the community, many of these organizations struggle to stay afloat and fulfill their vital mission. Another important aspect is animal population control. The abandonment and uncontrolled reproduction of stray dogs and cats are problems that affect many communities worldwide. Rescue organizations actively work on sterilization and castration programs to help control this overpopulation, which in turn reduces animal suffering and decreases the burden on shelters and local authorities.

Pets and their owners participating in the parade can wear costumes, dress in rainbow colors, or simply let their imagination run wild with original outfits. It is suggested that people interested in participating in the PV Pride Pet Parade make a donation starting from 200 MXN to: Yvonneka Foundation. 100% of the proceeds will go to Puppy Paradise canine shelter.

Additionally, these organizations are advocates for animal rights, advocating for stricter laws against abuse and abandonment. Their awareness-raising and activism work is essential to create positive change in how we treat our animal companions. By supporting them, we are contributing to a more compassionate and aware society, where the rights of all living beings are respected and protected. In summary, supporting organizations that help dogs and cats is not only a matter of compassion and empathy but also an investment in human welfare and the future of our planet. Every contribution, whether financial, volunteering, or spreading awareness, makes a difference in the lives of countless animals and in building a fairer and more compassionate world for all.

Local pet businesses will also be present to showcase their products. The route will start at Lázaro Cárdenas Square, with a vibrant sunset stroll along the Malecon, absorbing the lively energy of Puerto Vallarta's iconic boardwalk until reaching the Dolphin Fountain and then returning. If you want to learn more about these organizations that help dogs and cats, simply follow the link below.

Learn more about what the foundation does for PUPPY PARADISE at

Or visit the Puppy Paradise Shelter to see it for yourself, located just minutes from the Romantic Zone. Let's raise some funds for the puppies and have fun doing it!

On a more personal level, supporting these organizations can also provide a sense of satisfaction and connection to the community. Participating in volunteering activities, such as walking dogs, socializing cats, or helping with fundraising events, not only benefits the animals but also connects us with people who share our passion for animals. This connection and sense of purpose can enrich our lives and strengthen bonds within the community. The importance of supporting organizations that help dogs and cats lies in recognizing our shared responsibility to all life forms on our planet. By working together to protect and care for these animals, we are building a more compassionate and sustainable future for ourselves, for them, and for future generations.
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