Celebrate Summer Solstice With Rituals Of Abundance And Creative Energy

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Litha: Illuminating the longest day of the year with Joy and Prosperity

Joy, play, passion, and energy are some of the words to describe Litha, the celebration of the summer solstice.

Litha celebrates the longest day of the year. When summer arrives, the sun illuminates your life and motivates you to resume unfinished projects, explore new possibilities, and be grateful for all the seeds you sowed in Ostara - the spring equinox - that are now blooming. Summer days are filled with fire, the element of passion and spirit.

To welcome the summer and its vital energy of abundance and prosperity, you can experiment with one of these rituals:

● Go to the beach and watch the sunset with the intention of being grateful for all the light that exists in your life. Extra points if you bring a delicious picnic to represent abundance and happiness. We recommend fresh fruits and refreshing and fun beverages.

● Create an altar for abundance. Use a visible table or shelf, preferably at the entrance of your home, to serve as a constant reminder of the energy you want to attract. You can place yellow flowers, fruits, citrine quartz and carnelian agate, seashells, and candles. We recommend a Prosperity candle made with soy wax, orange essential oil, citrine quartz, and marigold flowers.

● Make sun water. In a glass, place water and slices of lemon and orange. Leave it in the sun for a couple of hours and add ice when you're ready to drink it. The sun water will fill you with the vital energy of the sun and its radiance.

Just like nature that continues to grow and flourish in this radiant time of year, we hope you also feel inspired and brimming with creative energy.