Valentine's Day, The Celebration Of Love.

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The Day of Love and Friendship.

Love is considered the most important and powerful energy in the Universe, according to ancient civilizations, but for today's culture, love is simply a fleeting feeling. February 14th is the day of the celebration of San Valentín, a traditional Catholic holiday that designates San Valentín as the patron saint of lovers. It became popular in many countries and in modern times, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, it spread from the 20th century onwards. It is the day when lovers express their love and affection for each other. It celebrates the name day of San Valentín, it is the day of Love and Friendship.

In Puerto Vallarta, there are dozens of activities that can be done this coming February 14th. If you want to surprise your partner, Puerto Vallarta is the best option to do so.

The natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta lends itself to a photo shoot with the best sunsets from the best viewpoints. Special music, romantic beaches, the boardwalk, restaurants with special dinners, partying in clubs, cafes, cinema, picnics, a "Day Pass" at the best hotel in the area, pools, galleries, theater, sports activities, and traveling museums. Not to mention the beauty of the rivers, mountains, sea, squares, and the Marina boardwalk.
There is no better place in Mexico to unfold Love than Puerto Vallarta, the cradle of freedoms and the foundation of Mexican humanism. Here it is shown that a man or woman who shows interest in their partner is capable of achieving great, spectacular, and transcendent things.

If dining with your partner is part of your plans that day, we recommend booking your table well in advance, this way you will ensure dinner at your chosen place and take a problem off your hands, as on that day food businesses will be fully booked. On the other hand, leave your flowers reserved at your special florist, as on that day red roses and most flowers are sold out since it is the day with the highest demand.