La Tuba Of Puerto Vallarta

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One of the most exotic drinks of the Coast.

Tuba is a characteristic drink of Puerto Vallarta. It's the flavor of coconut palm, typical of Manzanillo, Colima, and Puerto Vallarta. A refreshing water that combines coconut and apple with the flavor of the coconut palm. In the 16th century, the Manila Galleon touched the beaches of Colima in order to stock up on lemon (necessary to treat different infectious diseases). It also disembarked groups of workers from the Philippines who came to cultivate the sugarcane and rice fields of the region. The exchange of customs between that country and ours, united by Spain, soon bore fruit. Among other things, foreigners enriched us with "El Mantón de Manila" and "Tuba", which, in fact, is a word that comes from the Filipino language indicating that it is a nutritious and refreshing drink extracted from the coconut palm flower spike.

The delicious drink that you can find through street vendors along the beaches and the Malecón of Puerto Vallarta. The flavor of Tuba is uncommon. It's the kind of drink that cannot be forgotten. Fermentation is part of the integral process of the drink and is similar to any fruit beverage.

At events, festivals, on the beach, and along the Malecón; Tuba comes to you thanks to street vendors who are registered and regulated by the municipal government to provide tourists and locals with a safe and delicious drink that will ensure it is not adulterated or harmful to the physical health of those who consume it. Tuba is a drink that gives identity to the Mexican coast, Bahia de Banderas. It's also a very cheap drink so you can get enough Tuba for a low price to refresh yourself and try this delicious drink that only Puerto Vallarta offers you, ideal for taking care of your economy.